The Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory was published from 1976-91 as a peer-reviewed journal of critical thought. Envisioned as an independent intellectual journal, the CJPST quickly attracted to its pages an expanding circle of theorists, writers, artists, and poets who explored forms of critical thinking that were historically engaged, politically critical, and theoretically diverse.

The result was a series of theme issues probing key currents of politics, culture and society: Ideology/Power, Lenin in Ruins, Feminism Now, Psychoanalysis, Ideology, and Language, Body Digest: Fashion, Skin & Technology, Hollywood/Hollywood, Marx and Marxism Revisited, Mediascape.

The essence of the CJPST was its publication of new critical theory, from feminism and cultural studies to film theory and psychoanalysis. Contributors to the CJPST included the theorists: Jean Baudrillard, Jurgen Habermas, Herbert Marcuse, Susan Sontag, Stanley Aronowitz, Toril Moi, Anthony Giddens, Claude Lefort, Zymunt Bauman, Russell Jacoby, Terry Eagleton, and Ernesto Leclau.

Edited and published by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker in collaboration with an exemplary editorial board, the CJPST is the intellectual foundation of CTHEORY. Now that we experience once again intensified, global forms of social and political repression, the volumes of the CJPST read as a sequel to the future.