Straight into your life: collage by Stephen Pfohl.


Consequence is a continuing series of reflections on the radically new political situation demonstrated by the election of Donald Trump and the emergence and intensification of right-wing movements in Europe and elsewhere. We are inviting writers and artists to come together to tell their stories, write essays, critically theorize the contemporary political juncture, and to make art about the future implications of state sanctioned xenophobia, homophobia, racism, sexism. While attentive to the many consequential implications of this major shift in contemporary politics, we are equally engaged with this change as one of singular consequence, namely something symptomatic of a larger disruption in the mood of the times in which we all live. Our hope is that Consequence will have a real impact as well as provide a forum for rethinking the future and strategies of contemporary resistance.

Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker and Stephen Pfohl

Series Editors, Consequence